Safe House

Safe House was founded by FRI in 1997. Safe House is an apartment building located in North Hollywood, California established to provide a comfortable refuge for those who are living with HIV/AIDS and have nowhere else to go. There are 16 units in the complex designed to provide either permanent (unlimited stays), transitional (6-12 months), or emergency housing (up to 30 days). There are 13 permanent stay units (1 bed in each), 2 transitional units (1 unit has 4 beds and another unit has 2 beds), and one emergency unit with 4 beds.

The mission of Safe House is to provide low cost, safe and decent housing to a community of persons who are frequently homeless: those living with HIV/AIDS who also have a mental illness and/or chemical dependency. Using a philosophy of high tolerance, Safe House seeks to keep this vulnerable community housed by reducing the barriers to care and increasing access to essential services when medical, psychiatric or substance use problems are active.

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Safe House DedicationSafe House Dedication
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