Friends Community Center


Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez
Director of Programs

Degree: M.A., American Studies, California State University of Fullerton
Phone: 323-463-1601
Fax: 323-463-0126

Research Interests

Andrew Lopez earned a Masters of Arts in American Studies with an emphasis in Gender and Sexuality at the California State University of Fullerton.  After completing his graduate degree, Mr. Lopez joined Friends Research Institute as a Research Assistant where he facilitated the daily research procedures for Getting Off, the outpatient methamphetamine abuse treatment program for gay and bisexual men.  In addition to serving as Research Assistant, Mr. Lopez later took on the position of the Quality Assurance Monitor where he monitored the data collection procedures for six HIV Health Education/Risk Reduction programs. Currently, Mr. Lopez is the Director of Programs for Friends Community Center, where he oversees a street outreach program, three HIV Health Education/Risk Reduction programs, a Social Network HIV Counseling and Testing program, a Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services program, a substance abuse treatment program, and a PreP Linkage to Care Service program.  Mr. Lopez also serves as a Commissioner of the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV.