Safe House

A Story of HOpe

family"I was dying," said "P". Like many who come to Safe House, "P" was HIV-positive and homeless.

He found the challenge of keeping medical appointments and taking his HIV medications too difficult. He was sleeping irregularly, eating sporadically (if he was eating at all), and using more drugs and alcohol. "P" was eligible for disability payments, but he was unable to access them without emergency housing.

"P" found temporary housing and more at Safe House. "P" is assisted with transportation to his medical appointments, which he now attends regularly, and is better at taking his HIV medications. He gets food vouchers that enable him to eat every day. Because of this and because of what he has identified as "much less stress," his health has greatly improved - he is sleeping 7 to 8 hours regularly and he has gained weight. His T-cell count has nearly doubled and his viral load is now undetectable. He is working on getting his driver's license and has plans for finding employment through re-entry programs that he was introduced to while at Safe House.

hopeAnother unexpected benefit of living at Safe House for "P" has been the camaraderie and community he shares with other residents.

" I feel safe here," said "P." "Safe House is a blessing."