Safe House

Support Services

While living in the shelter, residents are eligible to receive the following supportive services:

linenHousing Assistance

Staff notify emergency residents of any bed openings at local housing organizations and assist them with the application process.

Referral to Off-Site Services

Staff provide referrals to mental health and/or substance abuse treatment programs.

Self-Sufficiency Skills Training

Staff provide basic instruction in hygiene, apartment maintenance, and budgeting in order to enhance residents' self-sufficiency.

marketMeals Assistance

Residents receive weekly grocery vouchers in the amount of $25 per week (not to exceed $100 per month). The vouchers are redeemable at Vallarta Market, a local grocer.


Transportation Assistance

Residents have access to bus tokens and taxi vouchers in order to help them make medical, housing, and case management appointments. There are also times when residents are transported to appointments by staff in the Safe House van.

Linen and Toiletries

Residents receive a free weekly supply of clean and fresh linen as well as toiletries necessary for good hygiene (e. g. toothpaste, deodorant, soap).

doctorMedical Consultations

A physician's assistant is available at Safe House program every Wednesday morning for 1hour in order to give medical advice and offer referrals.