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Michael S. Gordon

Michael S. Gordon
Senior Research Scientist

Degree: D.P.A., Public Administration, University of Baltimore
Phone: 410-837-3977 ext. 251
Fax: 410-752-4218

Research Interests

Dr. Gordon has expertise and experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative substance abuse treatment interventions for criminal justice populations (prisoners, parolees, probationers) with histories of opioid addiction. In addition, he conducts HIV and technology-based research with criminal justice populations. Dr. Gordon has been Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on six major studies that have contributed to the field of substance abuse, HIV and criminal justice: (1) methadone maintenance for prisoners, (2) buprenorphine for prisoners, (3) long-acting naltrexone for prisoners, (4) long-acting naltrexone for probationers and parolees; (5) rapid HIV testing for criminal justice populations, and 6) criminal justice drug abuse treatment studies.

Dr. Gordon is a two-time recipient of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program Award. Furthermore, he has been the recipient of three travel awards, two from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and one from the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD). Dr. Gordon also received the Friends Research Institute 2008 Daniel Mendelsohn/ New Investigator Award. In addition to his work at FRI, since 2011, Dr. Gordon has served as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stevenson University.

Selected Publications

Carswell, S.B., Gordon, M.S., Gryczynski, J., & Tangires, S. (in press). The daily progress system: A proof of concept pilot study of a recovery support technology tool for outpatient substance abuse treatment. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Gordon, M.S., Carswell, S.B., Peters, E.N., Tangires, S., Kinlock, T.W., Vocci, F.J., & Restivo, L. (in press).  Avatar assisted therapy: A novel technology-based Intervention to treat substance use disorders. In Pam Lassiter (ed.), Annual Review of Addictions and Offender Counseling: Best Practices III (p x-x). Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Gordon, M.S., Carswell, S.B., Schadegg, M., Mangen, K., Merkel, K., Tangires, S. &  Vocci, F.J. (in press). Avatar Assisted Therapy: A Proof of Concept Pilot Study of a Novel Technology-Based Intervention to Treat Substance Use Disorders. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Loeliger, K.B.,  Biggs, M.L., Young, R., Kahana, S.Y., Seal, D.W., Beckwith, C.G., Kuo,I., Gordon, M.S.,  Ouellet, L.J., Cunningham, W.E., Young, J.D., Springer, S.D. (in press). Gender Differences in HIV Risk Behaviors Among Persons Involved in the U.S. Criminal Justice System and Living with HIV or at Risk for HIV: A "Seek, Test, Treat, and Retain" Harmonization Consortium. Aids and Behavior.

Mitchell, S. G., Willett, J., Monico, L. B., James, A., Rudes, D. S., Viglioni, J., Schwartz, R. P., Gordon, M. S., &  Friedmann, P. D. (in press). Community Correctional Agents’ Views of Medication-Assisted Treatment: Examining their Influence on Treatment Referrals and Community Supervision Practices. Substance Abuse.

Murphy, S., Polsky, D., Lee, J., Friedmann, P., Kinlock, T., Nunes, E., Bonnie, R., Gordon, M., Chen, D., Boney, T., & O'Brien, C. (in press). Cost-Effectiveness of Extended Release Naltrexone to Prevent Relapse Among Criminal-Justice-Involved Persons with a History of Opioid Use Disorder. Addiction.

Zaller, N., Gordon, M., Bazerman, L., Kuo, I., & Beckwith, C. (in press). Individuals under community supervision in Baltimore, MD. Journal of Correctional Healthcare.

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Gordon, M.S., Vocci, F.J., Fitzgerald, T.T., O'Grady, K.E., & O'Brien, C.P (2017). Extended-release naltrexone for pre-release prisoners:  A randomized trial of medical mobile treatment. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 53, 130-136.

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