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Laura Monico

Laura B. Monico
Assistant Research Scientist

Degree: Ph.D., Sociology, University of Delaware
M.A., Sociology, University of Delaware
Phone: 410-837-3977 ext. 248
Fax: 410-752-4218

Research Interests

Dr. Monico specializes in health services research that aims to improve the quality of substance abuse treatment delivery for both adults and adolescents, specifically for those with opioid use disorders. She has been actively involved in data collection or analysis on a number of NIDA-funded studies that investigate various dimensions of pharmacotherapy, such as the Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJ-DATS) Phase II initiative MATICCE study, Intensive Outpatient v. Outpatient Treatment with Buprenorphine among African Americans, Reengineering Methadone Treatment: A Clinical Trial, Health Services Research: Extended Release Naltrexone for Opioid-Dependent Youth, and A Randomized Trial of Interim Methadone and Patient Navigation Initiated in Jail. In addition, she recently completed a dissertation that uses an ecological systems perspective to understand buprenorphine patients’ experience in an opioid treatment program. The results of this dissertation identified barriers for buprenorphine treatment entry, engagement, and retention, as well as contributed to a better understanding of prescription opioid initiation, progression of addiction severity, and the intersection of route of administration.

Selected Publications

Monico, L.B., Mitchell, S.G., Welsh, W., Link, N., Hamilton, L., Malvini Redden, S., Schwartz, R.P., & Friedmann, P.  (2016). Developing effective interorganizational relationships between community corrections and community treatment providers.  Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 55(7):484-501. 

Monico, L.B., Schwartz, R.P., Gryczynski, J., O’Grady, K.E., & Mitchell, S.G. (2016). Two models of integrating buprenorphine treatment and medical staff within formerly “drug-free” outpatient programs. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 48(2):101-8.

Monico, L.B., Abdel-Salam, S., O’Connell, D., Visher, C., & Martin, S. (2015). Using Organizational Strategies to Improve Substance Abuse Treatment for Probationers: A Case Study in Delaware. Federal Probation, Dec 2015.

Welsh, W., Prendergast, M., Knight, K., Knudsen, H., Monico, L.B., Gray, J., Abdel-Salam, S., Malvini Redden, S., Link, N., Hamilton, L., Shafer, M.S., & Friedmann, P. (2015). Correlates of interorganizational service coordination in community corrections. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 43(4):483-505.

Abdel-Salam, S., Kilmer A., Monico, L.B., & Visher, C. (2015). Building bridges in New Jersey: Strengthening interagency collaboration for offenders receiving drug treatment. International Journal of Theoretical and Comparative Criminology, 13, Aug 2015.

Mitchell, S.G., Monico, L.B., Gryczynski, J., O’Grady, K.E., & Schwartz, R.P. (2015). Staff Views of Acceptability and Appropriateness of a Computer-delivered Brief Intervention for Moderate Drug and Alcohol Use in Rural Federally Qualified Health Centers. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 47(4):301-7.

Monico, L.B., Gryczynski, J., Mitchell, S.G., Schwartz, R.P., O’Grady, K., & Jaffe, J.H. (2015). Buprenorphine treatment and 12-step meeting attendance: conflicts, compatibilities, and patient outcomes. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 57:89-95.

Monico, L.B., Mitchell, S.G., Gryczynski, J., Schwartz, R.P., O’Grady, K., Olsen, Y.K., & Jaffe, J.H. (2015). Prior experience with non-prescribed buprenorphine: Role in treatment entry and retention. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 57:57-62.

Mitchell, S.G., Willett, J., Swan, H., Monico, L.B., Yang, Y., Patterson, Y.O., Schwartz, R.P., & Visher, C.A. (2015). Defining success: Insights from a random assignment, multi-site study of implementing HIV prevention, testing and linkage to care in US jails and prisons. AIDS Education and Prevention: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 27(5):432-45.

Welsh, W.N., Lin, H., Peters, R.H., Stahler, G.J., Lehman, W.E.K., Stein, L.A.R., Monico, L.B., Eggers, M., Abdel-Salam, S., Pierce, J.C., Hunt, E., Gallagher, C., & Frisman, L.K. (2015). Effects of a strategy to improve offender assessment practices: Staff perceptions of implementation outcomes. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 152:230-238.

Welsh, W.N., Knudsen, H.K., Knight, K., Ducharme, L., Pankow, J., Urbine, T., Lindsey, A., Abdel-Salam, S., Wood, J., Monico, L.B., Link, N., Albizu-Garcia, C., & Friedmann, P.D. (2015). Effects of an organizational linkage intervention on interorganizational service coordination between probation/parole agencies and community treatment providers. Administration and Policy in Mental Health Journal, 43(1):105-21.